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Post, 02 Nov, 11:53

Limited Links

Link issues include the following taken from the website for the 50th anniversary of Doug Engelbart’s demo:

• High Resolution Linking, so that a link can point to a specific sentence, paragraph or any other object within a document, not just to the document as a whole.

• Implicit Links through which the user can choose to view any corpus entry the text is implicitly linked to, such as a dictionary entry or a glossary entry.

• Multiple Links from one place to allow the user to choose what aspect to follow.

• Link Types to specify what the link points to, such as supplemental information and so on.

• Backlinks & Link Database so that the a document is aware of incoming links as well as outgoing links.

• Links in Images. It is of course possible to create image maps but the current tools do not support this for non-graphics people. Doug had the example of showing a basic map where each location name could be clicked on to jump to its corresponding document. This is not quick to do today. 

• A Journal which is a repository to which documents can be posted but cannot be deleted, only increased in version number if a new version is submitted. A basic and robust versioning system.

 We’d think a link

Hall, 2017

— How Liquid | Author Addresses This Issue —


Liquid provides Doug Style Implicit Links.

Lack of Extended Document Clarity & Functionality

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