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Post, 26 May, 18:41

Joe at the Groucho today. I wondered can we call a node a line with zero length? Node is a knot tied up (etymologically). How can this work? Can we stretch nodes in a useful way to become links and therefore toggle at will what’s a node and what’s a link? He found this question interesting so that’s nice. Saw a couple of Apple AirPods today, they are taking over. Gym with the team this morning and they are coming round tonight to meet Edgar. And I got a good build of Author, which exports properly (only a small PDF issue remains) and that gave me the inspiration to finish the Abstract for my 9 month report:


The processing capacity of the human visual system is about 12 million bits per second while 16 bits per second is the bandwidth of consciousness (Norretranders, 1999).

I aim to take advantage of this fact and to employ our visual processing at the back of our heads in our occipital lobe to support higher level reasoning in our prefrontal lobe. I am therefore developing the means through which a user can use more of their visual processing to get a better ‘view’ of their information in a prototype system I am calling Liquid View, a component of the Liquid | Author word processor. The system is being developed primarily for university students working on producing academic documents.

The hope is that the system will help reduce Cognitive Rigidity (Coplan, 2016) and increase Cognitive Fluidity (Mithen, 1998) to a measurable degree.

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