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Showing relationships based on glossary (early thoughts)

These are early notes, resulting in the next post.

To define for the graph view we have the problem of arrows, of direction. If one entry has, for example, that Liquid | Flow was inspired by Doug Engelbart, it should ideally also have in the Doug Engelbart entry that he inspired Liquid | Flow.

When a node is in the centre of the view it should be able to link out to entries which are not listed in it’s WordPress entry, but in the other entries.

There are two ways to tackle this: The other entry could automatically have this new relationship appended but that would require semantic analysis to change ‘inspired’ to ‘inspired by’ or ‘works for’ to ‘is the boss of’ etc. Therefore I think the solution needs to be something where the user enters relationships in one node for both directions and then enters it in reverse for the other node. In this interface the user will enter ‘was developed by’ and then choose ‘Frode Hegland’ from the previous Glossary Entry popup:

glossary term for graph view. Hegland, 2019.

When the user clicks OK the dialog below is presented, asking the user to enter the reverse, which will then be appended to the other term’s WordPress entry:

reverse. Hegland, 2019.

This should then be able to support graph views. However, the problem in the graph view then is which version to choose? Incoming or outgoing? Maybe let the user choose based on the two options, by clicking on the arrow and have it reverse polarity and description?

Hegland, 2019.

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