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Spatial Hypertext Literature Review Support

Knowledge is fluid with a multiplicity of interconnections–whereas an argument, such as a PhD thesis–is rigid and linear, though supported by connections to the fluidly connected knowledge space.

The aim of my PhD work is to augment a student’s ability to more efficiently form deep understanding of the the concepts the literature describes and how they connect while doing a PhD Literature Review” (LR). I am doing this through a Spatial Hypertext-like ‘Liquid View’ which is integrated into a traditional word processing view in the Liquid | Author word processor.

Research Question

How can a richly hypertextual environment augment the author’s ability to perform LR (support cognitive internalising of the external work to achieve clarity) and how can this be further communicated in a linear form, connected to, and given credibility from, the fluid knowledge space? [Notes]


I am scheduling a Focus Group which will be followed by an online Survey.

The basic design for the Liquid View in Author has been established based on knowledge from my literature review, practical experience, design and redesign and will undergo further refinement as results from the Focus Group and the Survey come in: Design on Trello

The Liquid View is being designed to incorporate not only Citations but also Notes, Headings and Glossary Entries, but only the Citations will be implemented for this project.


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