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Surf’s Up

First a ‘Garibaldi’ then a green ‘n blacks. After Fury and Singapore Noodles, with toasted, buttered and garlic’d Gail’s. Some new gin and t. Lowered lights, sip of water, trance on the B&O’s, Emily on the phone with Manisha. Adjust seating in the black leather and steel chair to left leg up, right leg jumping to trance.

Up late, strange dreams. Went to Cadogan, made mom and Eileen and me a Stbx coffee in the little SAS glasses. Heated, steamed milk, them for Miah would liked the smell. Drove mom to Henning’s then lunch at Westfield. Crickets and fish taco’s at Wahaca. Try on a suit (nice light brown one, with a vest), buy a shirt (previous was worn down by stubble, or so I am told). Waitrose shop; gin and Japanese whiskey. Drive Eileen to he daughter’s, complete with big blue bag.

Cold coming on again, dring home with the top down, 7°, Led Zep.

Collapse on the sofa for a fantastic nap.

Yesterday was dinner at Cafe Royal. I may apply for a membership there. Fantastic dinner, very friendly and nice. Mom and Dad and Emily and all was well.

Earlier yesterday I get an email from a friend who is also an industry pioneer of the highest caliber saying he wants to pay the cost to complete Liquid | Author for OSX. I am stunned, it’s a amazing. He is amazing – supported my work for so long but now with a real ‘buy-in’. I don’t know, my world is very different now.

Sure, the money could have been raised elsewhere, but with his buy-in it all becomes something else.

Author is named in honour of Doug’s Augment and the citations system feeds right into Ted’s work I think. I cannot wait for rich links/citations, authored in Author to appear in Ted’s views. This is a new chapter, I am so honoured, so happy and so very excited about what the future can bring, about what size dent we can put in the universe.

I’ll have to do another day or so testing and polish for Author iOS and some time to make sure that files can open happily on both platforms, then I can let iOS out in the world and we can start on OS X.

First, nice simple environments to write (not even a single visible interface after I made the header and footer bars in iOS go away after 30 seconds this week – just tap to make them reappear). Rich citations easily addable, then we can move to make citations more useful for the reader and for teachers.

It is just wonderful.

And fade out to “Forge” (John Digweed & Nick Muir vs. Second Hand Satellites) [Iridium Flares Mix]

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