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Liquid View Presentations Tests

I have been using Scapple to map out how Doug Engelbart’s process fits the academic document process, which turned out to be quite useful to see where there was a mismatch (Doug was not concerned with the career of the academic, only the…

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Preamble to PhD, 23 Jun, 11:27

My friend and mentor Doug Engelbart sent me the following email: Frode, I honestly think that you are the first person I know that is expressing the kind of appreciation for the special role which IT can (no, will) play in reshaping the…

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Doug Engelbart’s concept of a modern system, superseding the NLS/Augment system he had developed. HyperScope Features Requirements for version 1.0 HyperScope  The official project description: http://hyperscope.org/about/features.html

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