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Using Flow to Post Glossary Term

The basic Liquid | Flow tool looks like this:

Hegland, 2019.

Here I have entered the term ‘Vint Cerf’ and I not choose Share/Glossary (or super-shortcut ‘g’) and get this dialog, where I can type in a short and long definition, and remember, this is a personal glossary so we are not interested in any universal truth definition here, and I can also relate this to any current glossary entry, in this case I wrote the relationship as being ‘co-invented’ and chose the previous entry called ‘Internet’:

Hegland, 2019.

The resulting website looks like this. Normal HTML which can easily be parsed into

Hegland, 2019.

This then will be available in the concept view in Author or any other graph software like this:

Hegland, 2019.

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