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Here I write on the journey of the notion of Liquid Information as a vision, dialog and instantiation in software projects. The page for my macOS software projects Author, Reader and Liquid is:

The big initiative I am working to promote is the simple idea of putting information about a document in visible text into the appendices and letting the reading software make use of this: Visual-Meta which makes documents self aware.

I would like to invite you to read my article on why I am writing this and why I am doing the work: In The Information War, Arm the Citizenry. My main articles are listed in the ‘Notes On…‘ section. The rest of the Journal is also available of course but it’s more of a sketchbook than a polished presentation. Proceed at your own risk…

My PhD work is to augment the citation process for academia.

Please feel free to get in touch should you have any questions or comments either in a comment box under an article or by emailing me at ‘frode at liquid dot info’.

Frode Hegland
London 2020

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  1. […] This is what I have managed to cobble together over the last few years, working as a small, independent developer. The opportunity is of course much bigger. I can see a future where the ‘publishing’ process–even simply from a student, is a considered step with specific modules applied, such as plagiarism checking, reading level checking, and, as Livia Polanyi suggested; having a summary generated so that the author can check if what was intended was actually what came across. Further improvements which come to mind include live text, auto-generated timelines, support for the Dynamic View in VR, intelligent multiple clipboards, rich annotation & search, paragraph ‘auditions’ (ala Final Cut), list collapsing, in-line interactive equations and much, much more, including high resolution addressing, to make it possible to make links to specific parts of a document, such as […]

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