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Augmented Library in Reader (cmd-l)

Last updated on March 22, 2021

Design for a Library inside Reader to help the user quickly find what they need to cite from their collection of PDFs. This does not show the interaction in Reader for the user to type annotations in the margin nor a ‘cover’ in Reader or back page where the user can type their general comments, tag the document with Finder tags as well as mark the document as being interesting or not (optional).

Library Dialog

On cmd-l in Author or Reader, produce the following dialog, based on the Open/Save dialog but completely custom. On first use, user will have to define what directory they want to use for their Library. They can change this at any time by clicking ‘Settings’, lower left.

The folders listed on the left are any folders inside that library. User can create new in the Finder or here with cmd-shift-n (though we may add a button for that).

User can choose to click on tags to constrain what is listed. These are normal Finder tags and works in conjunction with other search/listing criteria.

User can choose to list the documents by Published date (where available in Visual-Meta), as well as list by when the documents were added or read (click on the triangle to toggle direction).

Notes the user has added in Reader to the document are shown on the right.

User can choose to search by full text or only by highlighted text or annotations.

Ctrl-Click Interactions

Unread documents are bold. User can ctrl-click a document and choose to toggle Mark as Read/Mark as Unread. This is modelled on Mail’s interactions with messages.

Ctrl-Click to also set tags.

The user can also choose to only have documents appear which are not already cited in the currently open Author document, and also hide documents tagged as not being interesting (what is missing, of course, is an option to see only read/unread documents):


Clicking on a title produces a popup dialog showing any notes (on top) and any highlighted text. The frame colour is the same as whatever the system highlight colour is.

Double click to open the document.

Double click on any highlighted text (which is shown non-highlighted here, for legibility, and which also have a heading above them for context, if available in Visual-Meta) will open to that location in the document:


To make this work we will need to have Visual-Meta support an extra page with all the annotations and highlights. Both Author and Reader will need access to this system and both will need to know what the currently open document is in Author–that is crucial.

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