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Further reply to the group in the thread “Re: On the importance of building *something*.”

I’m very excited by all the activity on this email thread but find it hard to parse.

(Maybe we should start blogging our points and link to each other? (just a thought))

The question of “what are the burning questions of the hour, and who does care about them? (i.e.: for whom am I going to contribute?)” is a great question. My current focused research and work is simply:

* To augment the discourse between Post-Graduate Researcher (PhD) and Advisor, via electronic documents *
Many of you may find this too tightly focuses and that’s ok.
For me though, it’s a very clear issue to deal with, as laid out on my PhD page: and it concerns augmenting those who are at least supposed to be having the most honest and clear dialogue. I am not at all saying academic reaches this aspiration, but they are at least ‘pillars’ of academia which we can build upon and then disseminate into the wider world.
This concerns methods of how to write clearly and how to write with credibility – using citations well and citations is definitely a lynchpin we need to empower to flip us up a level.
I hear also many of you calling for more work on collaboration and that is great, that, after all, was a central part of Doug’s epiphany:
“Boy, the world is complex, jeez, the problems are getting more complex and urgent and have to be dealt with collectively – we have to deal with them collectively.”
Doug Engelbart

However, though I am very happy to work on real-time collaboration systems and collaborative writing, the more considerate, over longer time periods of collaboration of someone writing an academic paper and someone else then using it in their literature review is also real collaboration and it’s wide in space and in time.

What other answers are there to Marc-Antoine’s excellent focusing question?

Frode Hegland
The Liquid Information Company
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