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What to call the view in Liquid | View

In attempting to find a word or a phrase to describe what I am trying to do with the Liquid | View I have had to discard concept mapping and mind mapping since they have very specific rules. For concept mapping that is connections with descriptions and for mind mapping it’s the idea of a central node. I looked at how writers are encouraged to lay out their work visually, including in Gabriele Rico’s book “Writing The Natural Way” (2000) but unfortunately, while there is so much visual promise, it turns out this work is basically about mind mapping.

The simple notion of what I want to enable the user to do is simpler. All I am trying to allow (initially), is to enable the user to:

Move headings freeform in 2D space with connections from top heads and down, as well as add manually dragged connections.

This is to allow the user to cluster (language from Rico’s book) text to see what belongs together and to see what might be missing and how the information connects.

I think I’ll just have to use the term liquid view to refer to what I am trying to build here since nothing else seems to fit.

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