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Update after 11 March 2020


So we had indents for headings in Author which increased as the heading numbers increased. Not everyone liked it (Mark..) but it worked. Now we also show bold text, highlighted text and names in the folded view and it all suddenly became messier. Having multiple levels of heading plus this extra information made it hard to have a scan-able and pleasant outline so therefore we will indent everything except level 1 headings in the folded view (and make no indentations in word processing/unfolded view)–in other words the effect will be as if the level one headings are out-dented.

It will now look like this (issues with extra space under names will be resolved:

And this is if we did not indent:

We do not easily have the option to choose what levels will be bold or not, since users can change the heading font so we are leaving the 2-6 levels as-is, with the really being that in academia at least, only the top few headings are usually used.

This update comes at the tail end of a week where I presented to the Stationers’ Hall with Vint Cerf a version of this presentation, which went down very well I thought: which currently points to but which will keep being updated as we move on.

Author 6.0 will be released soon, based on the work for this presentation (new folding and find features) and Reader 2.0 soon after.

That was the night Edgar fell asleep with a baby sitter for the first time, Amanda, who he knows well. Here he is later in the week, with full bunny support:

I also recorded a brief ‘Conversations with Edgar’ update, which is made for him to watch in the future but are publicly available, just not listed, on YouTube:

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