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Last updated on October 9, 2018

Thought from working on my book on deep literacy:

We are back at the foothills of the Zagros mountains. Those of us with access to technology are living at a time of plenty when it’s easy to get what we want, as easy as picking a fig or picking off an animal unaccustomed to human hunters, as it was all those thousands of years ago.

We have little incentive to venture away from our cosy settlement. Why should we leave? Why did our ancient relatives leave the comfort of the mountainside for the harder work further south?

I don’t know.

But look what happened to them, they changed humanity as a result of their co-operation.

What can happen for us to make a similar move, away from the comfort zone of the tech-enabled rich to create a world of abundance, peace and harmony? How can we move to a focus on collaboration, like they did to irrigate the land, to move life giving liquid around to be more useful and to produce abundance?

How can we similarly work to move the potentially liquid information around between us to similarly create abundance?

If we leave it all up to Charles and don’t listen to Doug to try to put a rudder in the slippery waters of progress, with even a vague shared goal, we will amuse ourselves to death:

Roger Waters : Amused to Death 

Doctor Doctor, what is wrong with me – This supermarket life is getting long – What is the half life of a colour TV – What is the shelf life of a teenage queen – Ooh western woman – Ooh western girl – News hound sniffs the air – When Jessica Hahn goes down – He latches on to that symbol of detachment – Attracted by the peeling away of feeling – The celebrity of the abused shell, the belle – Ooh western woman – Ooh western girl – Ooh western woman – Ooh western girl – And the children on Melrose – Strut their stuff – Is absolute zero cold enough – And out in the valley, warm and clean – The little ones sit by their TV screens – No thoughts to think – No tears to cry – All sucked dry – Down to the very last breath – Bartender what is wrong with me? – Why am I so out of breath? – The captain said excuse me ma’am – This species has amused itself to death – Amused itself to death – It has amused itself to death – Amused itself to death – We watched the tragedy unfold – We did as we were told – We bought and sold – It was the greatest show on earth – But then it was over – We ohhed and aahed – We drove our racing cars – We ate our last few jars of caviar – And somewhere out there in the stars – A keen-eyed look-out – Spied a flickering light – Our last hurrah – Our last hurrah – And when they found our shadows – Grouped ’round the TV sets – They ran down every lead – They repeated every test – They checked out all the data on their lists – And then, the alien anthropologists – Admitted they were still perplexed – But on eliminating every other reason – For our sad demise – They logged the only explanation left – This species has amused itself to death – No tears to cry, no feelings left – This species has amused itself to death – Amused itself to death
Roger Waters

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