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Spatial Data Management System, SDMS

Last updated on May 19, 2019

Short Definition:

a method for organzing information spatially

Long Definition:

Grew out of an MIT project aimed at ”the creation of an information management system whose distinguishing characteristic is that it exploits the user’s sense of spatiality for purposes of organizing and retrieving data.”


The space is called ‘Dataland’ and includes multiple displays and multidimensional audio.


From the website on The Verge, comes an important criticism:

In “Inventing the Lisa User Interface,” Apple designers Rod Perkins, Dan Keller, and Frank Ludolph explain Dataland was far from a perfect system. “The idea was incredibly simple but placed quite a burden on the user’s memory when the number of documents became large.”

This is a:

This terms relates to previous terms:

early part of – The Capability Infrastructure

influenced – Lisa

influenced – Macintosh

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