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Uk Euratom Nuclear Cooperation Agreement

The UK will continue to participate in EU research and development programmes such as Horizon Europe, the Euratom Research and Training Programme, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (Iter) and Copernicus. A Party shall obtain the written consent of the other Party before enriching nuclear material covered by this Convention to 20 per cent or more in the isotope uranium-235. This consent, if granted, must describe the conditions under which uranium enriched to 20% or more may be used. Other provisions necessary to facilitate the implementation of this provision may be provided for in the administrative arrangements established in accordance with Article 15 [administrative provisions]. GIVEN THE IMPORTANCE OF SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL RESEARCH ON NUCLEAR FISSION AND FUSION FOR ENERGY AND NON-ENERGY APPLICATIONS FOR THE PARTIES AND THEIR MUTUAL INTEREST IN COOPERATING ON THIS ISSUE, the British House of Commons, the House of Commons of Parliament, voted on 30th December in favour of the new trade and cooperation agreement between the UK and the EU and Euratom. The agreement creates a framework for trade after the UK left the EU`s single market and customs union on 31 December. Under EU rules, the deal could enter into force temporarily until the European Parliament votes on it in January. The 1246-page deal ends the UK`s nearly 50-year membership of the EU. 1.

The Parties shall cooperate with each other and their entities in the field of research and development for the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, including the development of fusion energy, where the Parties have common interests and to the extent that they are covered by their respective research and development programmes and activities. The Parties or, where appropriate, their bodies may authorise researchers and organisations from all fields of research, including universities, laboratories and the private sector, to participate in such cooperation. The Parties shall endeavour to facilitate such cooperation between persons in this field in accordance with their respective laws, regulations and administrative provisions. In terms of research, the UK will remain under the Joint European Torus (JET) nuclear fusion research project, based in Culham, Oxfordshire, until at least 2024, following an agreement reached in March 2019. REAFFIRMING the commitment of the Parties to the safe use of nuclear materials and facilities and to the protection of man and the environment from the harmful effects of atomic radiation, the importance for the international community of ensuring that the use of nuclear energy is safe, well regulated and environmentally sound; and the importance of bilateral and multilateral cooperation for the effectiveness of nuclear safety arrangements and for the improvement of such arrangements; The UK government`s website also lists a number of joint UK and EU statements, which contain some details. This includes a Joint Declaration on participation in Union programmes and access to programme services, in which the Parties recognise `the mutual benefits of cooperation in areas of common interest such as science, research and innovation, nuclear research and space`. In order to promote future cooperation in these areas, they aim to create “a formal basis for future cooperation” that will enable the UK to participate in EU programmes “under fair and reasonable conditions and, where appropriate, in the form of access to certain services provided under Union programmes”. These include Horizon Europe (Framework Programme for Research and Innovation), Euratom and ITER (including F4E).

ANS Working Group: Accelerating R&D investment in nuclear energy is essential to secure the future of US clean energy REAFFIRMING the commitments made by the United Kingdom and the Member States of the Community under their bilateral agreements on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, the other Party may, upon written notification, suspend or terminate cooperation under this Agreement in whole or in part. In its notification, the Party shall specify the measures it considers to constitute a serious breach of its obligations under this Agreement, the provisions it intends to suspend or denounce, and the date from which it intends to apply the suspension or denunciation. In a statement, the UK Department for the Economy, Energy and Industrial Strategy said: “The conclusion of such an agreement with Euratom is important for the civil nuclear sector in the UK and the EU. It ensures that there will be cooperation in the areas of nuclear safeguards (non-proliferation), nuclear safety and security. 1. The provisions of the bilateral agreements on cooperation in the field of civil nuclear cooperation between the United Kingdom and the Member States of the Community shall be considered complementary to this Agreement and shall be replaced, where appropriate, by the provisions of this Agreement. 2. Cooperation in certain areas referred to in paragraph 1 may, if necessary, be implemented by means of agreements between a legal entity established in the United Kingdom and a legal entity established in the Community, which the competent authority concerned shall notify to the other competent authority as being duly empowered to carry out such cooperation. These agreements include provisions for the protection of intellectual property rights where such rights exist or arise.

According to the European Commission, the new agreement would allow the UK nuclear sector to: 1. The cooperation envisaged between the Parties under this Agreement in the field of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy may include: regulatory aspects of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy; It provides for full cooperation in the safe and peaceful uses of nuclear energy, underpinned by the commitments of Euratom and the United Kingdom to comply with international non-proliferation obligations and to maintain a high level of nuclear safety standards. Each Party shall give its consent to the other Party for the reprocessing of nuclear fuels containing nuclear material covered by this Agreement, provided that such reprocessing is carried out in accordance with the conditions set out in Annex [Reprocessing]. Article 8 details the conditions for participation in ITER and F4E. It states that UK entities “may participate in all F4E activities under the same conditions as those applicable to Euratom entities”. The Parties agree that the agreements relating to the establishment of the Iter International Fusion Energy Agency for the joint implementation of the ITER Project and the privileges and immunities of the ITER Organization “shall apply to the territory of the United Kingdom”. The agreement also strengthens cooperation between the EU and the UK in the framework of the European Community`s Urgent Exchange of Radiological Information (ECURIE) or the European Radiological Data Exchange Platform (EURDEP). This will provide EU Member States and the UK with early notification and reliable radiological information in the event of a nuclear accident.

It will also enable rapid and coordinated responses to radiological emergencies by sharing data in real time. 1. Without prejudice to Article 18 [existing agreements], the cooperation provided for in this Agreement shall be carried out in accordance with the respective laws, regulations and administrative provisions in force in the United Kingdom, the Union and the Community, as well as the international agreements concluded by the Parties. In the case of the Community, the applicable law shall include the Euratom Treaty and its secondary legislation. 3. The two Parties agree to establish in their respective territories a robust and effective system for the accounting and control of nuclear material to ensure that nuclear material covered by this Convention is not diverted from its peaceful use. Monitoring, including inspections at installations containing nuclear material covered by this Agreement, shall be carried out in such a way that the competent authorities concerned can draw independent conclusions and, if necessary, require and monitor appropriate corrective measures. 2. The provisions of this Agreement shall not be used to obtain commercial or industrial advantages, nor to interfere with the domestic or industrial interests of a Party or authorised persons, nor to interfere with the nuclear policy of any Party or Member States of the Community, nor to impede the promotion of peaceful and non-explosive uses of nuclear energy, nor for the transport of objects; which are subject to or notified by this Agreement, either within the framework of the respective territorial jurisdiction of the Contracting Parties or between the United Kingdom and the Community. .

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