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Email to Jacob regarding the Open Dialog

Email to Jacob regarding the Open Dialog

I think the current Open Dialog in macOS is a bit useless. It’s small (we have fixed this) when it should be big since when the user asks for it to be open that is the focus of the users interest. You know the original Open Dialog was written by my friend Bruce Horn right? Only because there was not enough RAM to have the Finder open, hence the Open Dialog had to be a Mini Finder. (I have copied him in on this for fun, in case he has anything to add).

Furthermore, the tagging system on macOS is pretty useless since you can’t specify that you only want to see tagged items in a specific directory-when you choose to view by tags the whole of the system is used. There should be an option to show tags only in current directory. As indicated below.

Also, why is the Recent menu separate from the Open Dialog? Makes no sense. To open should be a single and simple operation of cmd-o with recent items listed, as shown below, maybe in a column on the right. Within the current constraints of what Apple gives us, is this a serious thing to build or relatively trivial? We don’t have much resources but this could be such a real user benefit.

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