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Highlight in fold improvements

Further notes on Highlight for Fold

Here is a correct layout using the actual selected text. Main issue is of course white highlights.

In the folded view:
Start every highlight on a new line.
Also, there is an appended comma after each highlight, please remove now that they will all start on a new line.
Try to leave the highlight in the folded view, as the test below illustrates.
Are you also able to increase the space between the lines of highlighted text a little, as shown here? Or can you add ellipsis? I would prefer ellipsis if you can do that.
In this example we have kept the highlight which actually seems to help readability:

This is what we have now, all I have done is change yellow for white. Can you make the line spacing a bit less, so that there is no grey space between the lines, as in the example above?
Frode Alexander Hegland, PhD – The Future of Text – Augmented Text Software – Infrastructure for Rich PDF documents – Future Text Lab for work in VR/AR

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