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Last updated on May 7, 2017

[Edit] This was written around the thought of the ‘word’ history. It did not come across however, so a new entry was made after this one:


Francis Fukuyama was right when he said this is the end of history.

History is delineated as starting when human actions became frozen onto physical substrates,
with all prior to that being pre-history.

History recorded on the fluid medium of digital devices will record a completely different type of action
in a completely different world, where very little is set in stone, even ‘facts’,
and we must work hard to stay current with the information flow.

History of the digital world becomes democratic, moving away from the wise man ‘histor’s (Harper) view and towards the ever changing, ever interpretable story.

What is part of history and what is left out becomes the responsibility of the reader as much as the author – the future of our story is deeply literate.

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