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I attended as a sponsor for Liquid | Author and to promote and get feedback for the Visual-Meta proposal.

A short flight from Heathrow and a brief taxi ride (cash, much of Cork was cash so had to stop at a gas station to get some Euros) and quite a bit of walking back and forth between the charming B&B and downtown, resulting in some serious blisters, and I was settled for the three days of the Electronic Literature Organisation Festival.

Emily & Edgar did not join me so I felt I was in a TV commercial for video communication when we used FaceTime since it was just so immersive since I missed them so much. Here is a FaceTime screenshot:

The campus was beautiful and the people charming.

My host James Sullivan gave me 5 mins to present Liquid during the opening ceremony, which I pre-made with two edited videos to make sure I didn’t waffle on:

My view:

And the view of us:

I felt the reception to the presentation and the software was good and there were three days of inspirational presentations on both theory and artistic practice. To see so many experimentations with the medium of text was exhilarating.

I invited a few people to contribute to The Future of Text book.

There was even a fantastic coffee shop in the art gallery, which I discovered a bit late:

And then it was all over, and back to London.

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