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Find in Find & 200,000 words of transcripts

I have appended our monthly presentations into one Author document and also included some automatically generated AI transcripts of regular meetings so that I could experiment with going through our record in Author.

One major issue that came up is that it takes quite a bit of time to tag speakers for each session, so it is only done roughly for this test.

Video walkthrough:

Here is the document, compressed and uploaded to DropBox. No images and the formatting of the dialog varies depending on whether it was human or AI generated, but it should be good enough to test/experiment with now:

Proposed innovation

When doing cmd-f, show ‘Find within Results’ in the bottom right (also ‘Copy Results’ bottom left, as a feature to let the user copy the find results for further refinement in a new document).

This would then spawn a dialog for the user to enter keywords to use.

A use case would be to select someone’s name in a long chat transcript, something we do a lot of, then cmd-f and then type in the term to search within what that person might have said.

It won’t be perfect, the initial search will find instances where someone else’s mentions the person’s name etc. but it would be a lot better than wading through 100,000 words, as we must do now…

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