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I am currently working on my final PhD Thesis paper and I really, really don’t like working in bad interaction environments. I can fly in Photoshop because it makes sense, gives me useful controls and lets me see the work without interface visible on command.

While writing, now that I am doing an outline and writing notes I think it would be very, very useful to define specific text as notes and have the notes behave differently. These notes are essentially the result of my discussion with my advisors of what I should write in each section.

The notes will show up in the outline when folded and the user will also have the ability to hide/reveal this text–which is a key function.

When selecting the text and assigning it as a note (cmd-shift-n). The text is now it’s own unit, same as a heading. To hide/reveal the notes cmd-shift-n without selecting text.

Here notes are indicated in italic red (#6a1a1a):

Views to help with this: Fold to see with notes is default. Also possible to view headings with names, glossary and also with citations used (this would be new and would be cmd-shift-c) to help the author see where more citations might be needed. What would be shown would be the (author date) form.

The notes should not be visible on export if they are hidden but should appear if made visible, since the student may way want to tell the teacher of their intention for each section.

It’s of course very much like comments in code.

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  1. Лев

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    • Yes, we know what LiquidText is but this is a very strange comment to this note. I’ll leave it here anyway.

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