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All ACM Hypertext Conferences

Starting in 1987 the Association for Computing Machinery has been hosting a Hypertext Conference almost every year, as listed below. The conference proceedings carries the core of hypertext thinking over the last few decades, even though what could be called ‘hypertext’ has split into what many call ‘Web’ today and more still don’t think of hypertext at all, since it’s become very much part of the fabric of ordinary life. I have gone through all the conference proceedings and read all the papers which seemed relevant, in Reader and used Augmented Copy to paste the documents’ DOIs into Author. The conference proceedings are all listed here:

2020 Orlando, FL, USA (virtual).
2019 Hof, Germany.
2018 Baltimore, MD, USA.
2017 Prague, Czech Republic.
2016 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
2015 Guzelyurt, TRNC, Cyprus.
2014 Santiago, Chile.
2013 Paris, France.
2012 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
2011 Eindhoven, Netherlands.
2010 Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
2009 Torino, Italy.
2008 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
2007 Manchester, United Kingdom.
2006 Odense, Denmark.
2005 Salzburg, Austria.
2004 Santa Cruz, California, USA.
2003 Nottingham, UK.
2002 College Park, Maryland, USA.
2001 Arhus, Denmark.
2000 San Antionio, Texas, USA.
1999 Darmstadt, Germany.
1998 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
1997 Southampton, UK.
1996 Bethesda, Maryland, USA.
1995 (no conference)
1994 ECHT Edinburgh, UK.
1993 Seattle, Washington, USA.
1992 ECHT Milan, Italy.
1991 San Antonio, Texas, USA.
1990 ECHT INRIA, Paris, France. (not ACM)
1989 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
1989 also Hypertext II, York, UK.
1988 (no ACM conference)
1988 Hypertext I Aberdeen, UK.
1987 Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.

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