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Sing big thoughts about text

With Visual-Meta I can assume that in the Reader application we have full awareness of the text to display it to the user in any way we want.

In Author we already have that understanding (at least to a basic degree and could have it to a larger degree).

When writing, I want the text to come into focus when I want to work on it and to recede into the background when I am not working on it. I need a space to write and a space to connect.

This is difficult to really imagine/invent. What is easy is to make visual demo mockups which solve one interaction but as I have seen and demonstrated with the implicit links in Liquid is that much can happen through interactions rather than visually, as long as it’s realistically learnable by the user.

In Author I really want to be able to double click on a heading to hide all else, then easily find and add citations AND see the overall text of my document to see if I am repeating anything so maybe a ‘show repeated names’ could be a useful view. In Reader too of course.

I’ll have to think a lot more about this but for now it’s time to PhD like crazy.

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