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Universal Citation Dialog

Last updated on August 23, 2020

Universal Citation Dialog

User clicks on a citation in their document and the following Universal Citation Dialog appears:

Title [_______________

Author(s) [edit] (same as now)
Author Info (maybe move to the author cell)
Editor(s) [edit] (same as now)
Editor Info (maybe move to the editor cell)

Date [__] [__] [__] Published / Retrieved (radio button. Set to ‘retrieved’ if from web) BC (checkbox)
Web Address [_______________
Document Name [_______________ (if the citation was generated from an augmented copy this should come across. User should be able to click on this to search local system or, if not found, online)

Abstract [_______________

Tags (in the same style and interaction as Finder tags, including colour, so we need a tag editor) [_______________


This citation is [____] this document. (in greyed out text show suggestions: An Inspiration, Canon, Provides Methods, ,

This document is [____] this citation. (in greyed out text show suggestions: Supportive,

Publisher [_______________ Location [_______________
Publication [_______________ Journal [_______________
Issue [_______________ Volume [_______________
ISBN [_______________ ASIN [_______________
DOI [_______________ ISSN [_______________
PubMed [_______________ arXiv [_______________

Page Range [_______________

{Variable Button} {Copy Citation} {Cancel} {Save}

Available Functionality for the ‘Variable Button’

The available functionality changes whether the dialog is editable and what the ‘Variable lower left is:

Author : Edit Mode

Tag dialog is editable.

Author : Read Mode

Cas it is now
Tag dialog is not editable.

Author : Dynamic View

User can click on citation node to select and move/delete, double click to bring up citation dialog.
Tag dialog is editable.

Reader : In Body

Tag dialog is not editable.

Reader : In References

Tag dialog is not editable.

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