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First Week of Uni – Inductions

Last updated on November 13, 2016

So the first week of university is over, with two half days of inductions complete. 

Day one

The journey in was via train from Raynes Park to Clapham Junction, then  a few steps over to the other side of the platform, kiss Emily bye for the day, then train to Southampton Parkway and a taxi (first day, since it was raining and second day since it looked like there were no busses but then switch location – who knew!) or bus to campus. Bus from campus has been simple and pleasant both days. 

First day was pretty rainy in the morning and since I wore a basic suit with my new grey Fred Perry shirt(!), I used my laptop bag as an umbrella (no laptop, just the iPad mini, which I’m not sure what will happen to when I get the 7+ but anyway, likely I’ll be using the new Pro for reading papers). Lots and lots of young people, many asians, all very nice, but it did feel strange being their peer rather than their teacher. Talked to one guy who had actually lived in Bergen and spoke flawless Norwegian. Didn’t speak to many others but got a much better sense of the place and the program through the induction presentations. Oh yes, worth mentioning, I had two Snickers bar. Yum but too much…

I went to the Future Worlds people to briefly present Author, making it clear I have not discussed them with Wendy yet. I spoke with Alex there who suggested I also talk with the social impact group, which I will research.

Day two

Today is day two and I’m beginning to get things sorted, including emailing lots of questions to Wendy and asking her if we should discuss them or if there is anything to just reply to.

I’m also working on a fix for Author, it turns out it behaves well when offline, so that insight might help. Apparently the Liquid | Flow team has started work but I am not sure, I am not online enough to have a conversation with Roman right now.

Day two, pm

I’m on the train, enjoying a glass of tonic water and having a bag of chips, working on the MacBook with ear plugs and headphones. Some loud teenagers, but not too much. Ticket guy is coming round, I’d like to know the upgrade to first class, since the train was really quite muggy on the way back yesterday —- he says it’s about 20 pounds so worth considering if in desperate need  :-)

Today was much more informative. We had an induction related to ECS only (Electronics and Computer Science), with a current PhD student panel Q&A which was very useful. I got a much better idea of workload (read 3-4 hours a day) and work hours (seems to be around 6-8 hours a day) and the stages of the program. 

Socialising was touched upon – I’ll be going up most days, leaving a bit late so that I can hopefully work at home 5-6am, then gym, then UoS for lunch and afternoon work. I don’t have my own desk, us mature students are expected to be working remotely often, but I’ll sneak in as often as I can, especially in the beginning. 

I also met a few fellow students; one from England and Europe who is in my department (WAIS – Web and Internet Science), one who is working on shared presence hypertext and a couple of other students as well, all of whom were very pleasant to interact with.

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