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Outline for Expert Interviews, fall 2021

Expert Interviews

What do I need to learn?
Is this seen as something useful and how can wider adoption happen?

Who are these people?
10-20 Diverse interviews. Need breadth of people (10-20) from different industries, tech, academia, cultures. Do Spreadsheet? Dry run les & Dave Tech | Academics/Teachers | Students | Publishers of Journals | Ed Tech
Primarily from the FOT community

Interview Script & Questions

First of all, an emailed for with specific permissions for the interview, recording and presentation for them to sign.

The interviews starts with the subject introducing themselves with name, title, institution and job description (if useful) and how they do their work (Mac, Windows, tablet, paper etc.). We also stated the nature/duration of our relationship or whether we have only now met and they provided spoken consent (in addition to previously emailed the consent form) and repeat question for permission to being interviewed and recorded and whether they approved of the recording being made public.

10 min video demo/walkthrough of the Augmented Text Suite and how Visual-Meta works, unless they have already watched such an introduction online. I will mention the overall goal of the project (robustly richly interactive documents to augment students primarily) and initial implementations in addition to my own software (ACM, Timeline, Scholarcy).


I need to know: Is it good? 10 mins
Broadly speaking what do you think of Visual-Meta?
How impactful do you think it could be?
How do you think such rich interactions change the experience of the users (teacher, student or general knowledge worker, as appropriate)?
If you don’t like it, can you explain why and where you are coming from?
If you don’t like it, what would need to change for you to like it?
What would success look like to you?
Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

I need to know: What are the routes to success? 10 mins
How realistic do you think this is to put into widespread use, and how should I go about it?
Any suggestions or strategies to make it a success?
How would you go about making this a success?
Any other specific advice for rolling out Visual-Meta?

I need to know: What are the challenges for success? 10 mins
How contentious is this do you think?
What do you see as the biggest barriers for adoption?
What are the roadblocks as you see it?
How will you help us adopt this?
Do you think you or your students will use any of this software?
Do you think you or your institution will employ Visual-Meta?
Summary presented to the subject.
Thank you for your kind cooperation.

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