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Yesterday was super lovely. Emily and Edgar and I took quite awhile getting out of bed. I walked down to the train to Waterloo, then tube to Bond Street, dropped off Emily’s glasses for new lenses, walked to the club and had a Zoom with Emily’s best friend Manisha since it was her birthday, then lunch with my best friend Janine since it’s her birthday (weekend). We got to talk and catch up and I got to show her a demo of the update to Reader which was just so wonderful. All that really remains is the ability to click on citations in numbers, as the following text makes clear would be very useful. I hope we can use some of the Augmented Glossary logic for this [1]. Trust me, there will be an update when this happens…

Birthday girl:

We left the club and went to see Ian, which was nice and information rich as always (we always manage to talk about so many things in such a short time, Beau Brummel and office occupancy rates this time…). I continued up to meet Emily and Edgar at the opticians where the glasses were now done. Edgar was happily napping in his buggy and Emily was done. We walked back to the club, and Edgar decided he wanted to walk in Soho, not be in the buggy, and no holding hand, so look at him, 3 years old and man about town!

We had a lovely dinner and Paul joined us for a drink (Singapore Sling, of which I had two, which were preceded by a quarter champagne and half an espresso martini earlier. Bit much for me but it was all spread out well so not so bad).

(That picture was pretty sneaky, don’t tell anyone). We then tubed:

And trained, all wit very good social distancing and cleaning anything he touched and of course his little hands.

Edgar walked all the way up from the station and we discussed how shadows are made and that was maybe the most magical part of a magical day.

I interject an update on my work:

Augmenting PDF documents through Visual-Meta delivers powerful results:

Augmented Citation Copy allows the user to copy from a PDF and paste as a full citation into a word processor, ready to be automatically exported in the References section and complete provenance robustness. This allows the user to focus on reading and citing, not Reference Manager database interactions and upkeep.

Augmented Citation access allows the user to click on a citation in the document to get a pop-up of all the citation information and links to download, resulting in a reading experience with more flow, less interruptions while also providing farther cognitive reach.

Augmented Views allows for more powerful visual interactions with the document to better grasp its contents, to fold the document into a heading only view and a novel Find command to see only lines in the document with the chosen keywords.

Augmented Glossaries allows the user to create glossary entries simply by adding a heading called ‘Glossary’ to the end of the document and typing terms in bold and leaving the definitions in non-bold. When exported to a PDF a reader can select any text and cmd-f to see all the occurrences of the document and additionally get the Glossary Definition at the top of the screen. This allows the author to introduce specific terms and definitions pertinent to the author once and let the system show it to the reader on request, without the reader or author needing to learn new technicalities.

This is some of what theVisual-Meta approach enables, by simply placing metadata on the same visible level as the content of the document, right at the back in an appendix.

The benefit in total is a more liquid work environment and support for different personalities, not only those who are adept at the detail work of navigating citation styles and Reference Manager databases, but also those who contribute to the academic discourse from a different perspective and are more focused on the text and the ideas than on how to manage the library.

Citations must be conveniently checkable and robustly creatable to live up to their cognitive potential.

And now, on my brother in-law/outlaw’s birthday, I am sitting writing this in the library and Edgar’s is working beside me on his laptop, while Emily gets another few seconds of sleep… (and then Emily woke up and came down and took this picture of us). Another beautiful morning.

Then Emily woke up.

And took this of us:

What a beautiful time.

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