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I have been upset by the removal of BibTeX from ACM DL but Phil and Raine have been hammering me (it seems like!) with the notion of DOIs. I do not like to have citation information outside of the document but I think we should do this (in addition to supporting what we do now of course), what do you think?

• Liquid | Author •

User copies DOI from PDF or from download site.

User selects text in Author and chooses to add citation (ctrl-click and choose from menu or cmd-t) to cite and pastes in the DOI in the resulting search box. Author sends DOI to and gets a BibTeX in return and creates the citation.


User pastes DOI into Author and Author asks if it’s a DOI and if so, should it be converted into a Citation? If so (default ‘enter’ is Yes. IF we can reliably parse numbers to see if it’s a DOI then simply do it and use cmd-shift-v to paste without this action) then the DOI is sent to and gets a BibTeX in return and makes this the citation, showing the citation dialog.

• Liquid | Reader •

User pastes a DOI into a document (document is open, nothing needs to be selected, just like the user can paste a BibTeX to attach it now) and this DOI is sent to to and gets a BibTeX in return and appends this to the document as a Visual-Meta and as embedded meta, to enable Scholarly Copy later.

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