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PhD Status – Scholarly Copy

Last updated on October 11, 2019

My meeting with Les yesterday was extraordinary, as it alway is.

He suggested that I call the Visual-Meta – Citation Meta system simply ‘Scholarly Copying’ which I absolutely love.

My work will be to follow my stated focus

PhD Work Focus : Dialog via Documents

Specifically I am going to focus on enhancing document dialog between people in a very small group, (stated initial people are Raine, Andy and I hope a few other close collaborators as they see fit):

The dialog will be based on authoring in a full authoring environment (I will build for Liquid | Author of course but all the connections will be published and open) and publishing as a PDF then having other people read the PDF and posting their replies in a new PDF which is linked to the original though rich citations using Scholarly Copy of which the original author will be made aware (research to figure out how to do this). The tempo then will be away from fast media like social media, discussion forums and blogs and towards academic publishing but without the time constraint of publishers. The users can then keep these articles in folders in their desktops or online, whatever they prefer.

The citation will be model on the which is being implemented for WordPress first and then for PDF.

Initial Research

Distribution should be through whatever way the user prefers, such as sending via a message system, email or by posting in a WordPress article or attached to IPFS. How author’s are notified of this will be worth researching.

Here is the audio of the last part of our chat:



The next day I went back to Southampton, for the third time this week and it was very much worthwhile. A small group from WAIS, led by Dave Millard and with Mark Anderson discussed how to work on what to do for WAIS Fest. We will use the hashtag #waissoton to connect our work. I will tag this little post with that after I tweet it as well.


In the evening I got to spend some time working with my assistant Edgar in writing this blog post, of which I took a screenshot of the QuickTime video recorder, it seems Photo Booth is absent from macOS Catalina.

BTW, this is literally the first word he ever wrote on a computer keyboard, entirely by himself; I asked him simply to press the letters by only speaking their name. He found them and the result is:




I will be writing about this topic under the Category Scholarly Copy



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