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Last updated on December 27, 2018

We have dipped our toes into a digital future we can barely understand. We have a murky view of the promise of Moore’s Law with ever faster devices and always online being default –  there will be no ‘going online’ – we will always be online. It still boggles the mind when we look back to what was high tech only a few years ago and look at the science fiction like devices we have today, such as the iPad. But it only boggles our minds only when we stop to think about it – for most of the new generation stopping to think about how different and amazing it is would not make any sense. This is all they have known; Hyper-rapid hardware innovation and ‘overnight’ software successes.

Moore’s Law states that hardware will become twice as fast for the same cost every year and a half. This is not loose speculation, this has been the case for over a hundred years. Every year and a half a computer will be twice as fast as the same-priced previous model was the year before. This book is written from the perspective that this is an amazing and powerful development. We need to embrace the digital future and develop new ways of working, new ways for thinking, supported by new software tools and environments – more liquid tools and environments.

A fully digital world has the potential to make our lives and relationships richer, fuller and happier. It also has the potential to overwhelm and alienate. It is up to us which potential is realized, by choosing how we build the digital world. The core of the Liquid Information Philosophy is freedom; Freedom of thought. Not only the freedom to think about what you like, but the freedom to think fluidly and effectively.

The Liquid Information Philosophy is an aspirational philosophy of what might be, not an analytical or reflective philosophy of what is. The word “philosophy” comes from the Greek φιλοσοφία, which means the “love of wisdom”. The liquid information philosophy is based on a love of wisdom, knowledge and information in general, and importantly – a love for improving how we interact with it.

Thank you for joining me in this journey of trying to make sense – to feel and think and test – what liquid information can be and how we can dive in to a fully digital world with hope and purpose, truly empowered, not overwhelmed.

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