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VM or Embedded

So I have to ask myself if Visual-Meta really is the way to go, or whether we should simply put BibTeX stile citation and formatting data into the document meta, as is the expected way.

The most obvious benefit for having visual metainformation is that it can be read and understood whether the document changes format, the reading software changes specifications or even if the document is printed out. This then is a benefit for the archival aspect.

For immediate benefit visual-meta allows users to easily embed meta for citing the document and to see and use it later. However, the act of copying as a citation can be facilitated as easily with embedded meta it now looks like. So what to do? Drop visual-meta in favour or campaigning for people to start using citations or to embed BibTeX as well as putting it in documents visually?

I think we’ll keep it, and implement both into Liquid Author and Reader, since the archival aspect matters.

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