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I just sketched a bit with Procreate on the iPad, after a lovely day in Tokyo (Emily got a massive, fluffy pink coat!) here at a side street Starbucks. I was inspired by Timour and Alexander and decided to write out the ideas of text as black lines on a white screen vs ‘what the text means’. 

This was done for the advisor review process

I just added names (maybe defined simply as something in a glossary), citations and statements. I’m sure there are many more…
I then added the text in blue about the processing which could be done to these and it started getting interesting: Show all assertions and let the advisor do Yes or No. Show citations with veracity ratings. Show names. And so on.

It became clear that the Advisor Review and Literature Review is basically the same. Same analysis of individual documents and maybe also of documents in bulk since advisor should be able to check on the world the student is operating in. Additionally the comment system would be useful in both situations.

What do you think?

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