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Blog entry for last Friday.

Last updated on November 13, 2016

I should have posted something on Friday but I didn’t, so here it is.

I went in Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, managed gym and arrival by 11 on Thursday (as a test), so that was good.

Last week was predominately about trying to figure out what I should actually, specifically do and whether it would fit in a PhD program. I was asked to write a list of issues and this caused a misunderstanding which gave me serious reservations and I was very much down about it for two days, feeling that I would not be able to continue. This was sorted in a meeting with Les on Thursday afternoon, so in many ways I have my starting shot, which is exhilarating…

I have put together a basic project page hosted at – Please note that the links are not live in my posts at the moment since WordPress messes up formatting if I go in afterwards (most of the time)  to add them and Liquid | Flow does not add them correctly.

Other things this week was Author getting a substantial speed boost through Roman’s people putting in a new, modern library, but this caused other issues and there are other issues there as well, so I hope they can wrap it up this week…

I saw Therese twice this week, once with Lucy (they got along really well, we had lunch at Groucho), Stu and Adam for lunch, Emily went to Glasgow for a night with her company, Henning and Jose to NY and my parents to Zurich for my uncle’s 90th(!) birthday. Yesterday, Saturday, we had our first scan and we went to our new favourite lunch place, the dosa place in New Malden.

After seeing Les on Thursday, a meeting I was quite tense about, and Emily being in Glasgow, I went to see Kenji-san at Tomoe, where he made me the most wonderful omakase, and we talked about Emily and my new passion, the TV series Tokyo Stories, Midnight Cafe, which it turns out he knows very well.

At Tomoe

I also ‘invented’ a new input mechanism, separately blogged here:

I’ll be seeing Wendy tomorrow, Monday, so I need to present what I aim to do clearly. That’ll be the next piece of writing today/tomorrow morning…

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