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Timour Meeting (Facebook audio)

In my chat with Timour last night he opened my mind further, as he always does. The recording is available at:

A few notes from the chat, which was ostensibly to go through the initial questionnaire I have sent out for Author | PhD. (Temporary name, while hunting around, but it looks quite good I think).

He called for an analytical assistant to assist in the lit review and this reminded me of the deep learning / AI opportunities we can employ, something I have not focused on much since the actual tech is way beyond my technical abilities but I should still be able to bring it to bear, I mean I use the internet but I am no TCP/IP expert…

I will leave this open for now, under a category of Components on and then we’ll see

He also suggested quick and easy ways to contact the author of documents during the literature review process and we have discussed this previously – we’ll see if we can make some magic here.

Under ‘Thinking’ he asked for (and I very much agreed of course) to Multi views of knowledge space, Action based views and Auto complete – to remove routine work.

Finally he discussed something which is important and interesting but maybe not relevant to PhD thesis work just yet, the ability to work on different levels of text – words groups and semantic structures. Hmmm… Maybe someone can have a Role where they can edit the same document live but only by moving sections around, while others can only write within them? Maybe this is a transclusion issue.

Anyway, what I have been thinking about after the conversation is how to move towards writing meaning rather than sounds.

Alexander also added a useful perspective in his survey reply: “Meta-tags for cross-linking of concepts and concept families to build more of an “understanding base” than a “knowledge base” (let alone the old fashioned “data base”). Prof. Ralph Abraham of UC Santa Cruz was working on such a thing out of his VizMath Institution (Institute for Visual Mathematics)”

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