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Walk in the Valley of Life

Today I walked among the dead in the university of Cairo. I saw sarcophagus’ from longer before Christ than it has been after Christ. I reflected briefly on how scared they must have been of death to make such efforts to make it less final. I reflected on my father† who died this summer and who I can no longer interact with. I reflected on how he said he felt ‘philosophical’ towards life and death and he demonstrated this view the way he dealt with things in his life. He also said that he did not have any illusions as to his memory; he felt he would be remembered by those of us who knew him, and that would be it.

I feel much the same. I have no illusion of eternal life or being in human or stored memory for any great length of time and I am fine with this. I see my life and all those around me as being in a tiny bubble in the eternal stream of time and I get to spend it with my eternally beautiful wife and son, mother, father, brother and brother outlaw, and friends and I can’t ask for a more wonderful existence.

 My shining light. Hegland, 2018.
I also looked at the ancient writings, primarily hieroglyphic but also some hieratic and felt a tremendous sense of opportunity to keep inventing.

Self Portrait Into the Written Past. Hegland, 2018. 




My father also did once say then he was much younger: “Die? I will love forever!”








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