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Augmented Citations – Addressing Internal and External Connections

I have been vacillating about referring to ‘augmented citations’ or ‘augmented copy’. Doug used augmentation but he didn’t apply it to specific tasks or domains as far as I can remember. Chris suggested calling copies with citation data ‘augmented copy’. The Augmented Text Company tools however, are quite focused on academia–we have to have a focus on ‘whom to augment first’ and if we don’t, we don’t really augment anyone. I will therefore refer to ‘augmented citations’, in reference to the effort to make citations digital without loosing the robustness of analog citations which weblink spun from DNS introduces. I have discussed this before here:

Jacob is working on the oddly difficult feature of adding Table of Contents, which is an issue of internal addressing. This will be improved to cite to specific pages and highlight specific sections of text, if the user quoted (included text) from the document and not only cited it (which could be with or without quoted text).

[also, this is about resolving DOIs to full citations on pasting so it’s more than copy and paste]

My goal, as designer for student readers, is to make it possible to copy text from one PDF into a word processor (Author) and when the student exports as a new PDF, if the reader of the new PDF has Reader, to be able to click on that citation and get a pop-up (possible now). The important bit is that if the document is on the user’s system, the user can click in the pop-up to open the document to the right page and highlighting the quoted/copied text (this means we need to be able to address the section in the document and to be able to find it by file name, not just document title). Also, if the document is not on the user’s system, then it should be quick and easy to locate it online and open it, provided credentials are correct.

[server wise, imagine if you come across a citation and you can query what else the author produced, with specific keywords in the body text, etc…]

To make this work we have to invest real effort and we need partners in the community to make sure it becomes an open system. The results though, could be magical :-)

Oh and yes, Merry Christmas!

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