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Last Week’s Post…

Last week was the last week of my cold or whatever it was, it reduced my productivity over the last few weeks, particularly last week – I didn’t even go to the gym. I saw a therapist on Thursday who really helped though, my tendons were all over the place. I have another appointment this Thursday which I am very much looking forward to. Furthermore, I got new reading glasses last week (from the 20’s worked on by jewellery makers in America) for reading which have made reading a whole new thing, it’s so much clearer than I am used to. Previously, for the last few months, I had one reading and one driving contact in at the same time and they were supposed to balance out but it was far from perfect.

I made it down to the Wednesday presentation though, which I’m very happy about, it’s really very nice and energising to see the team.

Friday was the 48th anniversary of Doug’s Demo and Vint and Wendy confirmed the date for the next Future of Text: 11 September 2017.   :-)

Author was supposed to ship last week but we still have Save issues and I will now have to pause the project, it’s not only costing too much, it’s taking too much time and stress away from my PhD, particularly the Literature Review, a process I really do not like, since I don’t want to print the papers out since I am working to improve the process itself and the papers are optimised for paper, by the way they are laid out in PDF. I put together a proposal for an application (macOS initially, then iOS soon) to help with the process of actually finding the annotations added during the literature review process:

I got up at 4:30 this morning, happy to be back to the routine, let’s see what this week brings and how much literature review I can get done. :-)

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