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Pinned Headings in Author

On this eve before New Years Eve I’m supposed to be working on the final bits of my PhD thesis and I am, but I’m finding it a grind (no surprise there).
One issue I have is the constant jumping around in the document to edit. Particularly when trying to finish a section and I know there is other stuff I need to refer to. It can be a lot of scrolling and forgetting where I am for the current focus. I thought about a ‘back’ button but it would not know the main ‘back’ I am referring to. A lot of thinking and this is what I think I’ll implement:
User can currently cmd-click on a heading to add a note for that section. This does not do anything visual when working on the document except it adds * before the headings in folded view to remind the user that there is something which needs to be done here.
I therefore think this cmd-click on a heading should get a new button, for ‘Pin for Quick Access in Folded View’.
What this does is visually simply add a line, a minus in front of the pinned heading in folded view.
The reason for this is that to fold the document is cmd- so if the user wants to go to the pinned view the user would simply need to cmd – and then – again and be instantly taken back to the pinned area of focus.
The user can click on ‘Pin for Quick Access in Folded View’ again to cancel out or pin another heading, since there can only be one.
23 second mockup demo:


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