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Status on Edgar, End of Year notes and a few pictures

This week you and I both grew up a little Edgar.

I had my interview on the BBC with uncle Vint, on 21/12/21 / 21st century, which was a fun date. My software is starting to establish itself, I have had quite a few Expert Interviews for the end of my PhD thesis writing (no idea how that will go but it’s due at the end of the year, which is two weeks so I must go back to work in a min) and I’ll start really marketing it in the new year.

You have really grown these last few days in a big way. I try to record some of it in the books of photographs I take of you and some of the nice videos but also in the ‘Conversations with Edgar’ brief video snippets I film for you to listen to at some great long far away point in the future:

We had our first dinner at Chloe’s house this week and you guys are so great together. You have also seen other friends on playdates and you have graduated from cute older toddler to much more assertive young boy. It’s weird, we miss the old you and we love and adore the new you. Anyway, there will be more of this over the years and we just love you to high heaven. Kisses my beautiful boy.

The pictures of Grandma below is her reading the second volume of The Future of Text introduction and listening to my BBC World Radio broadcast :-)

This picture of us was at Goda’s restaurant where I wore silly ear rings of cardboard and you look amazing:

And here are you and mum going into the future:Finally, you as a race car driver!

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